ways to make money online – online jobs in Pakistan at home for students

ways to make money online – online jobs in Pakistan at home for students

ways to make money online - online jobs in Pakistan at home for students

ways to make money online – online jobs in Pakistan at home for students

Friends, today I will share with you some of the ways to work on the Internet that you can earn thousands of rupees to millions of rupees a month, millions of people in Pakistan by following these methods to earn good money a month. You can also earn a good amount of money a month by working online.

  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Freelancing
  • Start your blog
  • Publish your eBook
  • Affiliate Marketing

Create a YouTube channel

 Now, this thing is common all over the world, almost everyone knows how to make money from youtube, so how do you make money, I tell people who don’t know, the fact is that you make videos and upload them to youtube, From which you can earn millions of rupees,

The first thing you need is a Gmail ID so you can create your own free channel on YouTube. After creating a channel you create your own videos, one thing I would like to tell you here is that in the past you could make money by editing any video and using it,

But now that is not possible, now you have to upload your own videos, then you go and earn.

Many newcomers to YouTube understand that it is very difficult to make money from YouTube now, because now you have to pass a small test to start earning on YouTube.

The test is that according to YouTube’s new policy, monetization is now on for a person who has 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers on the channel.

The channel is then checked by the YouTube team, and if your work is done properly and in accordance with their policy, your monetization is initiated.

This target is from the YouTube team, this target should be completed within a year, ie when YouTube users check your channel, they look back one year from the current day, did the channel do this? Target completed within a year.

Now a question arises here that a year is too long, so will our channel be monetized a year later, not at all, if your YouTube target is in a month or even two to three months Once completed, you can apply for monetization. If you do well, the YouTube team will turn on your monetization.

Now comes the stage of how to make money, when your monetization is on when you are creating a channel, you also have to create a YouTube earning platform i.e. Google AdSense account to make money. So you will earn through Google AdSense. When you create a Google AdSense account, your earnings start and as soon as you have 10$ in your AdSense account, a PIN comes from Google AdSense.

To verify your address, which comes to your home address that you provided when you created your AdSense account when you receive the PIN, you insert the PIN into your AdSense account to access your AdSense account. Verified, then you get your earnings.

When you create and upload videos, YouTube shows ads from your various advertisers on the videos you earn.


Freelancing has also become a huge industry, you have to do whatever you have skills in, you give people your service according to your skills,

That is if you are a graphics designer, you make different designs for people according to their wishes, for which you get paid. Similarly, you are a web developer, a video editor or whatever skills you have, you Make money through freelancing using those skills.

In freelancing you work of your own free will, you are not a slave to anyone, you are the master of your own free will, you can work whenever you want, this is the best advantage of this field.

So which the website should we work on? There are many sites, but I will share with you three of the most popular and trusted websites.


I would advise you to work on Fiverr.com because you can earn thousands of rupees a month by doing small things on it, that is, it has an order of at least 5$ and up to a thousand dollars. So depending on the nature of the work you can earn.

Start your blog

The best and easiest way to make money on theinternet is to start your own blog or website, on which you publish new articles every day. You can create a blog on any topic, on which you will post different types of articles, people will come to read those articles and you will earn money.

Let me tell you how to earn money from people who come to read articles, the earnings will be such that you will create a blog, on which you will share different types of information with people in the form of a post,

 You can add ads from any ad network to your blog, such as Google AdSense.You will get a publisher account for your blog or website approved by any company like Media.net, PopAids, then when the account is approved you will apply their ads to your blog.

Once you’ve placed ads on your blog, you’ll be earning money when visitors to your blog click on those ads.

Now you maybe wondering how to get people to click on the ad, So don’t worry, whenever a visitor comes to visit your blog, Google shows the ad according to the visitor’s Google search history, which makes people click on the ad, and you earn money.

So if you also want to make money from the internet, I would advise you to start your blog today, and make money from the internet.

Publish your eBook

This is also a great way to make money from the internet. Many people are making millions of rupees from it. You can write an eBook on any topic, you can sell it online on various websites. You can earn good money from it.

When you write your eBook, then upload it for sale on popular sites like Amazon or Kindle. You publish your eBook on these sites,

So when any servant comes there and buys that book, you will earn from it. Now this book is only digital, ie soft copy in PDF format, so this work takes you only once, And you can earn a lifetime income from it.

Affiliate Marketing

This method is very wonderful, you can earn millions of rupees in it. This is a commissioned job, that is, we have to sell different items to different people, for which we get commission and this work is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing offers are offered by a number of companies, such as Amazon, ClickBank, and many more, including web hosting, or online shopping sites.

These companies have a program of affiliate marketing that anyone can join our program if they want to make money without investing anything,

Promote our products. When a product is sold because of your promotion, you get a commission.

This is a very simple task, now how to promote products. You can promote products in different ways, through your YouTube channel, through your blog, through your social media accounts.

Now another question may come to mind, how do companies know that these products are sold because of us, so when you create an account for affiliate marketing you get a unique kind of link from those sites,

 The link you share with people using your various methods, whoever buys anything by clicking on that link, you get a commission for it, so through affiliate marketing, you Can earn a good income.


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