Pubg side effects – disadvantages of pubg game

Pubg side effects – disadvantages of pubg game

Pubg side effects - disadvantages of pubg game

Pubg side effects – disadvantages of pubg game

Computer technology and the Internet have made video games much cheaper and easier for teens and children. There are millions of video games out there right now, but the only pubg game is the one that impresses everyone. Children and young people are also spending most of the day and night playing the same game. While this game provides entertainment, it has a detrimental effect on the health of the players.

PubG game has been banned in many countries, while in Pakistan it was thought to ban the video game, but there was a strong protest from the people, which led to the closure of PubG game in Pakistan. The decision was stayed.

According to the company that makes the games, gamers become mentally ill with a lack of self-confidence. Players are rewarded with a mock chicken dinner until the end of the full game. Children and especially the younger generation often learn new ways of committing crimes by playing these types of video games. These games create in their minds the skills of violence, killing and fighting. Which they didn’t know before playing video games.

The radiation emitted from the light of the machine in the PubG video game often causes epilepsy in gamers. It is also warned that playing this and similar video games too much can cause tremors in the hands. It has been warned that demonstrating lightning speed in games can cause bone and muscle pain.

The constant movement of the fingers on the mobile phone causes a lot of damage to the fingers while playing video games also causes bad eyesight due to the rapid movement of the eyes. Magnetic waves emanate from the mobile screen, causing the eye to become red and dry.

It’s a game that promotes bloodshed and crime. Gamers even remember the name of each weapon, the gun. Also in this game drug use, violence, beatings, covert killings, gang fights, It is common to use foul language.

Words for the average person that were never thought of before. Now they are becoming a part of life through these games. And because of their multi-use, society is embracing them by accepting them. Scenes of violence and war will affect the mental health of ordinary people, especially children and young people.

It doesn’t matter to mobile and game companies. Do your part to protect your children from the social negative effects of these things. So that our future can grow safely.

Otherwise, words like literature, ethics, humility, tolerance, patience, modesty and compassion will be a wonder for the generation growing up in the shadow of such mobile games and the internet.

Future generations will be amazed at the use of these words.

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